The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Heartwood

Heart shaped cutting board lays atop circle cutting board made by Ryan Curtis.

The cutting boards were wedding gifts from friends. I took this picture of them stacked atop each other. As I look at the picture today, I think to myself, heartwood..what does that mean? I looked it up and found that heartwood is the dense, inner wood of a tree. It is different from the soft, living part of the tree, known as sapwood.

The heartwood is dead and dry, which makes it strong. The heartwood is a primary supporter for the sapwood (new growth) to build upon.

Heartwood reminds me that to be a support for others (creatures, eco-systems) is always occuring in nature. Our friends who gave us the cutting boards are like the heartwood of a tree: friends who have stood by us and offer their words of support (heartwood) for our new marriage (sapwood) to build upon.

The phases of my life are akin to heartwood. With each passage I go thru, a new part of me is born and a different part dies. The part that dies is the heartwood, I can lean on who I was, to support the growth of who I am becoming. That fine sapwood sure is a-growing!