The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Hands

Body tracing art by Jill Lawrence. 6 August 2014.

I was in a mentorship group with Robin Hallett in Summer of 2014. One of the creative prompts Robin gave the group, was to create a healing art piece by tracing our body on paper. I chose to create a few of them. It was an amazing process. I want to share this piece in particular with you, because I profoundly connected to myself in the creation process.

I invite you to connect with your hands.

Bring your hands together, forming a cup. What would your hands like to hold or offer

Clasp your hands together. Who have your hands held? 

Intertwine your fingers. Notice the feeling of your fingers touching.

Open your palms, facing away from you. Can you sense energy or movement around you?

These hands are for love and healing.
Softness and dream weaving.
Light and playful.
Helping and caring.
Compassion, love, and stars.
— Jill Lawrence