The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Greet The Sun on an Autumn Morning

In the depths of late Autumn, I wake to the sun breaking bread over the mountainous horizon.  Orange and blue colors are massive friends and the sky is tingling.  An hour later the orange has dissipated and the lightness of blue…it's almost white…it remains and reminds me of a canvas.  Glinting with a possible future of creative impulse.  A miracle of a day with joys scattered over the many hours.  Greeting the cloudless sky, the sun unbroken on this last week of Autumn seems quite fulfilling for me.  Here we are, a few more days of gaining darkness and to be opened by the Sun reminds me of what rests on the other side of Autumn:  Winter.  The renewal of the light.  Feel Good Crew, what lingers in your heart when you read these words?  What reflections pop-up when you consider the elemental nature of our lives?  Please share in the comments below.  You are welcome here.  I am ever glad you have visited.