The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Good Sense

People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense.
— Ken Kesey

One apple, lovingly perched. September 2015.

I'm laughing because...I feel the truth in these words. I wonder, is love an emotion or is it just plain, good sense? In the past I've thought that love was something that just swept thru and took a person captive. Love can feel like that at times, but it isn't the whole story. 

Once someone is endeared to us, they are easy to love. If I am tender and transparent with a person it makes it easy to love me; in turn it is becomes easy to love the one who cares. Love is good sense, so that we may take care of those who have welcomed themselves to our tribe. 

As quote keeps popping into my mind as I write.

Ultimately it is on our vulnerability that we depend.
— Rilke

We must be vulnerable in order to share ourselves, so that we can connect with people. In turn, we must be willing to embrace another persons vulnerability.