The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Give

26 April 2015. Lavender, feather, and a pine-knot rest against a tree.

I'm an apprentice in the Patchakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) of cross-cultural shamanism, (learn more about the lineage here, and about my teacher, Judy Hoaglund here.) I have studied with ceremonialist, Erica J, for 5+ years; and Erica J introduced me to the PMT. 

Erica J has taught me about giving, called ayni (a Quechua word that translates to "reciprocity.") Giving (and receiving) keeps us in balance with the all that is.

The featured picture is a visual story telling of ayni. A week before my husband, Marc, and I wed; I delivered the lavender bundle, feather, and pine-knot as a gift to the Cordelia Lutheran Church where we were married. Offering this gift felt like preparing the way for our ceremony.

Ayni (giving) is a fun way to embrace life. Oscar Miro-Quesada calls our relationship with ayni walking in beauty. This resonates for me because I love to go outside to give. Connecting with my body and with nature is beautiful, is a beauty walk.

I found an article written by Dawn Dickinson, Everyday Reciprocity, that is quite lovely. I enjoyed the practice she shared of engaging in gratitude for 10 seconds as an act of reciprocity. Read her words here.

Join me today in giving. The gift could be a smile or a deep long breath, a handful of rose petals, the sound of your laughter, or the vibration of your footsteps.

I wrote a post called Offering that you can check out for additional inspiration.