The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Fresh Air


Today marks an occasion.  


This is the first guest writing feature to appear on our blog.  It's our great pleasure to introduce you to Kim Castelin.


Being able to breathe clean, fresh air is something that I take for granted everyday. With all of the wildfires and the loss of good, clean air to breathe I have noticed small changes in the smoke lifting and am so thankful for those moments of respite.

As I was running last night, I was hyper conscious of how wonderful it was to pull cool air into my lungs once again. It felt even better to be so consciously thankful and aware of the most basic of blessings- the simple act of being able to breathe freely, to be alive.

I take things for granted everyday: good health, kind friends, access to food, a decent job, safety, and the way of life in North Idaho. Being reminded to be thankful just for the oxygen flowing over my capillaries led me to give thanks for the other things in my life that are so wonderful yet oft forgotten

Guest Writer, Kim (fourth from left) is pictured with her family at the Tacoma Museum of Glass.  They chose to spell #love with the light up letters, which were part of an interactive art installation.

Kim Castelin lives in Moscow, Idaho and loves all things in the outdoor world, even spiders. She works at Washington State University in International Development and in her off time you can find her enjoying a beer, a run, a hike, or a nap.