The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Flourish

Day lilies open and flourish. Arch with ease. June 2013.

To "flourish" is to thrive in a supportive environment. When I look at this picture I am struck by the exuberance of the flowers. The petals stretch to their maximum fullness. They are all in. They are supported by hearty drinks of water, life giving sunshine and nutritious soil. They are cared for.

I want to learn from these flowers. They have a supportive environment, a sturdy base. The plants and soil seem to be cheering them on as they stretch to fullness. From a sturdy base they can open with ease. They are embracing the moment. They feel the radiance of the sun, sparkling down upon them.

Heart opening yoga postures come to mind. I must have a sturdy and sound base to open my heart and radiate like the flowers. With my hands supported by Mother Earth, I lean back and my heart opens effortlessly. 

Jill opens her heart toward the sun. 16 October 2015.

Everything in nature flourishes with support. My wish for each of us is that we may find and lean into the support that is right for us; when we are lovingly held, may we open with ease.