The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Float in Skies of Summer

Let the weight drop and set yourself 


floating thru skies of Summer


Jill soars in skies of Summer.  27 June 2014.

As I move thru the second week of July, Summer already feels like it's slipping away.  I want to grasp the Summer days, get back the ones past and watch the late sunsets like Sherbert setting over Mountains.  When I think of Floating Thru Summer Skies, what comes to me is...I want to embrace the moments of Summer, to embrace a feeling of weightlessness, free of worry.  I embrace the weightlessness of Summer by eating raspberries and blackberries on the deck in the morning…watching the sunset…taking work breaks and treating myself to a short walk.  I embrace an approach to life that honors the seasons and celebrates the moment.  Summer will inevitably pass, and Autumn will come with its bounty and its special gifts.  Until then, let us Float in Skies of Summer.

Jill arcs her arms and feels the rays of the Summer sun.  An open field before her.  27 June 2014.