The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: First Snow

The first snow of Autumn. 5 November 2015.

Yesterday was the first snow of Autumn. As I looked out upon this sweeping change, I was reminded how transformation can come rushing in all at once. Snow is a wise teacher.

A transformation into the yin (feminine) energy. The quiet. Settling in and adjusting the blanket, making sure it is tucked around my feet. Wiggling my toes. The hum of the heater. Dreams of the hot-tub. The clacking sound of boots being kicked on the rug and the snow that falls from them.

Snow reminds me of the temporal nature of life. The snow is here and it will pile up if the temperature supports it. If not, the snow will melt and water will rush down hill. What I am sure of is that change is something we can count on. Each time I am reminded of this universal law I am incredibly humbled. If I begin to worry that a situation will not change what if this is always a conflict? If I allow myself a pause, a gentle reminder: the snow melts and that the tulips only bloom once a year; that humble feeling will wash over me. Temporary. What we think is good or excellent: temporary. What we dislike or wish would go away: temporary.

Snow, thank you for sweeping thru.