The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Dive Deep

Pearls do not lie on the seashore. If you desire one, you must dive for it.
— Oriental Proverb

Two ducks at the far side of the pond.  I watch the ducks and see the way they are curious.  They float along in the open water, yet spend equal time in the constricted areas of the pond where there are downed trees and cattails.  

Dive in, and while you're at it--dive deep into your life.  The treasures live below the surface.  Culturally, we tend to stay on the surface of life...what we look like, how much money we make, and what others are thinking of us.  Yet, I know warriors who dive under the surface of their lives; they are courageous.  To dive deep, we may see pain or memories from our past, go a little deeper and we find treasures.  How is it that deepest thoughts are the simplest?  There is joy when we rise to the surface, after a journey to the deep.  Buoyancy and diving.  Light and dark.