The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Choose your Word for 2015


Did you Choose your word? 


Or did your word Choose you?



Dear Feel Good Crew, 


Hello, and welcome to 2015.  We made it.  Thank you for joining me, it is wonderful to have you.  Have you chosen your word for the year?  If you haven't chosen a word for the new year and aren't sure where to start, you can begin by thinking of words that excite you, light you up, or sound peaceful to you.  Some ideas:  PASSION PEACE PLAY POWER EXCITEMENT ABUNDANCE GRATITUDE LOVE JOY PRESENCE DELIGHT QUIET WONDER SOAR.  Choose a word that sparks your heart and makes you Feel Good.  This word will act as a touchstone and a theme for you during 2015.  

I say I chose my word…but the truth is, my word chose me.  My word for 2015 is PASSAGE.




Passage: an entrance or exit. Passage: moving thru one place to another.  Passing: thru a condition or state of being.  Passage:  the continual movement of time.  Passage:  a constant flow.  Passage:  the movement from one stage of life to another.  Passage-Way: a narrow hallway that offers a way thru to another room, another place.  

A great big Rite of Passage I will be embarking on in 2015 is getting Married!  Passing thru the veil of being "single" to "married" is my most obvious Passage.  (Cue the Fireworks, Please!)  There are other passages I am making my way thru, perhaps not as obvious to the outer world as our wedding will be, like eating healthy and practicing mindfulness.  With the word Passage as my touchstone and theme for 2015, it is my goal to see how I relate to the word passage in all its incantations--whether it be passing thru a space, passage of time, passage of laughter, or passing of objects.  I will remain curious of the concept and physical manifestations of PASSAGE.