The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Blank Canvas


Every Day is a Blank Canvas


We start anew each morning.  

What will you do with your blank canvas today?

I love the way a new perspective can open to me when I am being honest, when I am being myself.  There is freedom in being myself.  Does this ever trouble you?  Feeling that you have to try to be someone you're not?

I have really been wanting to get out my art supplies.  But here's the thing:  I just cleaned my home office and I don't want to get it messy again!  I want to keep everything in order, I want it to remain controlled, so that I can feel accomplished.  My clean room is a lot like a blank canvas.  There are times when I have the opportunity to make something new, but I just don't want to.  I don't want to upset the order, I don't want to create a new mess and have to clean it up.  And what if it isn't any fun?  What if it doesn't work out?  What if the picture I paint isn't something I'd like to surface?


Taking a Risk


If my canvas gets messy, and if paper scraps and paint begin to drip down--and there isn't a drop cloth laid down, and it gets in the carpet--and it gets in my hair...

Then it does.  

It did.

It does.  


And Again.


Cleaning Up


I have honed my clean up skills.  I am trainable.  I have begun to see that the messes never stop.  My fear and anxiety about messing up...about cleaning up have begun to soften.  

The blank canvas is not something to save.  The blank canvas is not meant to be hoarded.  It's meant to be used.  Paint thrown on it, paper glued on it, pencil, whatever medium I choose.  Life isn't supposed to be tidy.  There are moments of grace, where it all looks clean, and I feel complete and know that there is order.  A moment to brace myself.  Then the paint begins to splatter.

A blank canvas sits before you.  It is white, it is clean, it is waiting.

The canvas is yours.  What would you like to do with it?

You see a candle flickering in the distance.  The flame of those that have gone before you.

Casting a light, a light you can see by.  


The Creative Approach To Well-Being


I offer a series of five sessions, called The Creative Approach to Well-Being.  In this series, I weave creative practices, creative insight, with massage and bodywork, mindfulness, and fun.  Participation in this series can help create a new lens to see life thru.  Our life is our greatest work.  If we can approach our lives with creativity, we are able to focus in on our process, our moment to moment experience.  Instead of worrying about what the painting will look like while we paint; we enjoy the process of dipping the brush in the paint, and dragging the brush across the canvas.  If this piques your interest, I invite you to read more here