The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Beautiful Face

The cow stood close to the barbed wire.  It seemed to be looking right at me, as I drove up in my car.  The cows in the field; a familiar scene on the drive to town and the drive home.  Her (or his) face looked gentle, I slowed my car to a stop and gazed.  Her face, big and soft, eyes are sweet.  I wish I could hold this cows face in my hands and feel her fur.  I imagine the softness of her cheeks and the way her mouth would whiny as I pet her.   

I remember being a little girl, and I would sit on my fathers lap, holding his face in my tiny hands--little girl hands.  How big his face felt.  His cheeks smooth. 

I'm curled up in the big chair, looking down at our dog, Woody.  His face rests while he snoozes.  Top lip falling over the bottom, relaxed and gentle.  I stop and stare at him.  His sweetness and the love welling in my heart for this gentle animal, my hands dreaming of reaching out and touching the comfort of his warm face.