The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Basket

Stack of baskets. Photo by Jill, 2012.

A basket is made to hold. House projects, knitting or sewing. House collections, crystals or notebooks. House the gathered things. House the things that don't yet have a place of their own. House things that await integration into ones physical space. House things that are on the way out of ones life. Displaced or unbeknownst. House gifts for Mother Nature. House vegetables and fruits from farmers markets. House slippers for your friends to put on when they visit your house in Autumn. House clothes, both clean and dirty.  

Why basket, you can do many things. You house our dreams, collective and personal. You house the seeds we will plant and the over-arching themes. Basket you are a weaver of magic and a singer of deeds. Holding space for what is. Space of contraction. Space, until it is time for me to breathe. Quiet, patient and receiving you are with what is. You see me, you let me be. Pile of my books on your belly and the heaviness of a tattered stream. Where would we be without you holding space for us? You're a great receiver, transmitter and listener. Silent companion and wisdom keeper of ages. Round and wise, a swing in your step. Admiring you always. A holder of many, beholden to none. Nine lives and probably more.