The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Autumns Soft Light

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
— Albert Camus

Delicious Autumn light filters thru trees.

Sweet and soft is the Autumn light. Throughout the day there is a golden ease sweeping across the landscape. The lovely light of Autumn.

It is more than light that gives Autumn a special place in my heart. It is more than pumpkin pie and apple cider. It is a time for new beginnings. We enter Autumn after harvest. The tenet of trust is an important one. We are wise to trust there will have enough resources to make it thru Winter. We have sloughed the sunburns, the Summer romances, the illusion that Summer will last forever. We have climbed the ladder to pick our apples and sweat as we cooked our sauce on the stove. We are wise to see the goodbyes as new beginnings.

It is natural for things to end. An ending can take many forms, and may appear obvious or sound percussive. Yet, can be more nuanced and subtle (and very powerful.) For example, we take an empowered stance in a relationship, start a new class, or intuitively sense there is a fork in the road with our beliefs. 

We may ask the soft light of Autumn to cradle us as we reveal our new skin. There is a tenderness in asking the light, (or a beloved companion) to be a witness to our process. We may choose to take an afternoon walk and feel the support of the soft light. We may look out the window and appreciate the beauty of the trees. 

The energetics of Autumn naturally lead us inward. As we gaze, we can engage in a gratitude practice. What am I grateful for this year? What more would I like to explore? Are there any projects that need attention and completion? How may I lovingly attend to what is needed?

May we rediscover ourselves with a loving gaze. May we view ourselves in the soft light of Autumn with loving eyes and a loving heart, trusting that we have done more than enough, that we are enough, and that the best is yet to come.