The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Feel it and Drop it

Let the weight of sorrow

be heavy

heavier than you've ever felt

big melt is coming

big swell

weight of snow on my bones

sings me awake

I could remain in hibernation

but God/Goddess/Great Spirit won't let me

s(he) washes weight away

leaves me cold

naked and drying

in the sun

Enjoy the weight. Feel the heaviness. The weight cradles you, so feel that sweetness of being held. Some people feel that Winter is smothering, like they can't get out from under it. Each Winter I am urged to widen my perspective; and tap into the sensation of being held. Winter gives me space to hibernate:  breathe, rest, and lay inside the fire-cauldron of my heart. My whole self has space:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. At times I feel an energy of indecision during the season. A wondering of what Spring will bring and if I'll be able to take it on. To rise. That's why I'm here today to tell you Spring is coming. So feel those weighty desires and any heaviness of not wanting to move forward or not knowing how. Feel the heaviness of wanting to stay here in this thawing place. Hear the tired voice that raises and says "whoa don't go so quickly...let me have some time here!" Feel that voice, feel that desire that wants to stay. Because Darling without a doubt it's time to go. Feel it, drop it, cause baby, we're on a roll.

The transitory nature of late Winter feels like a great ride. I find comfort in the stopping and starts. Snow then melt. Rain then shine. The fleeting movement of the seasons. The shedding of transition. Come and go. The drumbeat invites us to be part of the rhythms. To say "yes." I find comfort being a drum that Mother Earth beats upon

bones skin hair

make your music upon me

The morning after a foot of snow. 9 March 2017.