The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Less Routine

The less routine, the more life.
— Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888)

Some mornings when I am digging into my "feel good practices" (dancing, meditation, writing, music, etc...) I think to myself I could do these things every morning!  How does the thought "The less routine, the more life" fit into the desire to create a routine out of my "feel good practices?"

I want to cling to my practices because they light me up--I feel better.  Do the practices continue to have the same effect when they are done on a schedule, instead of spontaneously?  

Nothing can top the moment when I hear a song that I love and my feet sweep across the floor, incensed by the beat and the rhythm.

If I schedule in a time to dance in my daily calendar, will it be as meaningful?  The initial dance steps may feel stiff as I get going; yet creating the space for my passion is what allows it to bubble up.

Many people have a very routine life.  How can we break convention and leave space for the unexpected?  Is this an unreasonable expectation?  Is it necessary?  Some folks may be so busy that to add one more expectation that they "should" have less routine is unsustainable.  We are all walking a tightrope.  How does the busy person integrate these ideas with gentleness?  How does the over-booked family have more spontaneity? 

One thing that sounds approachable is to take one 10 minute break a day, whether you are an individual or a family-- to "be spontaneous."  This could look like:  taking a walk, being silly, playing dress up, dancing, drawing.  Any activity that gives you a break.  Do it your way.  I'll do it my way.  Give yourself the gift of "less routine" for 10 minutes.  Experiment.

What did you spontaneously do today?  Share your journey by commenting below.  You are part of The Feel Good Crew, you are welcome here.