The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Remember a Peaceful Day

Jill in Natarajasana, Dancer Pose.  Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park.  August 2014.

Let your mind drift to a day when you felt peaceful.  Allow the memory of your peaceful day access to your body.  Drink in the memory, let it permeate your skin, tissues, bones.  That memory is yours, it belongs to you.  Experiment with this remembering and see if it will bring a feeling of relaxation.  

As I go about my busy day of appointments and "to-do lists," I will carry with me the memory of this peaceful day on the beach.  A moment where I was so happy to be in nature so relaxed, that I was inspired to do yoga.  I felt expansive and excited to be alive.  My plan is to print this picture and have it in my home office, so I can be reminded of this peaceful day.  I bet there is a picture of you on a peaceful day that you can print and add to your desk or altar.