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Massage, Spa, and Healing Arts

Swedish Massage, Relaxing Spa Facial, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and more. My services may be varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, attention, and dedication. Licensed in massage therapy in Idaho and Washington, I'm a therapist with over 8 years experience.


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A session with Jill is something different entirely. It’s an experience, sometimes peak, and will leave you deeply refreshed and energized. She has found herself with a unique skill-set and approach that makes her singularly unique and simply excellent. One time in particular, I left her studio elated, on cloud nine. She’s very very good.
— John Brunsfeld
Jill Lawrence has been my massage therapist for the past year and I cannot say enough about her skills, knowledge and expertise. From the moment I walk into her office and smell the wonderful aroma of massage oils, I know I am in for an amazing experience. Before each session, Jill talks with me about how my body is feeling, then, she tailors each massage to be most beneficial to my specific needs. Jill’s massage practice is complimented with the idea of cultivating mindfulness. Thanks to her mindful coaching, I am able to reach a state of relaxation that I cannot achieve in any other situation. I really appreciate the time I spend with Jill and look forward to each unique massage session.
— Mary Packer



I'll only work with the best body care products available, that means organic and naturals cremes, oils, and spa skincare. I never compromise quality, I am deeply present with each person I have the opportunity to help. I strive for top-notch customer service, and have added small touches to create a welcoming atmosphere, from a private dressing room to cozy robes. I respect your time, I will begin and end the session on schedule.


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About Me


I had heard of the healing arts, and although I wasn't exactly sure what they were, I knew they were meant for me. I began my journey when I enrolled in the Moscow School of Massage. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2008, and follow my nose toward all things feel good. My favorite bodywork modality is Polarity Therapy. The sessions are deeply relaxing and intend to address multiple layers of our being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It lights me up when people feel refreshed and renewed after their treatment.